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What does BlueOptima do?
BlueOptima was created to empower developers, team leaders, and executives with insights that help achieve better software development outcomes efficiently. BlueOptima does this through revolutionary transparency into how Coding Effort is invested in the software development process.
ROE: The Only ROI that Matters
Return on Effort (ROE) is the only Return on Investment that counts. Code quality is important and tools to measure it are valuable. However the quality of software, as measured by products that make assumptions about where bugs might lurk, isn't the be-all measurement for development success. Monitoring the effort your team invests in achieving acceptable software quality while delivering the time to market your business needs. Measuring the ROE, balances the all important trade-offs between code quality, delivering the required functionality, and hitting critical deadlines.
Coding Analytics

BlueOptima's Coding Analytics enable you to understand exactly where you invest Actual Coding Effort through the development cycle. No manual data entry, and no more tedious logging of time on work tasks for you or your team.

BlueOptima automatically calculates the Actual Coding Effort that your teams deliver, based on the source code delivered into your codebase.

Deep Technology, Deep Insights

At the core of the BlueOptima solution is it's proprietary Coding Effort Analytics™ technology, initially developed through Cambridge University research in a project carried out across the Judge Business School, The Computer Laboratory, and the St John's Innovation Centre. A decade of Research & Development has culminated in BlueOptima's highly sophisticated ability to quantify, benchmark, and analyse Actual Coding Effort based on source code change.

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