BlueOptima ART(Analysis of Relative Thresholds) is an approach to evaluating source code quality (maintainability and stability) that supports continuous improvement for your organisation, as an alternative to counting violations and methodologies based on industry standards.


ART is an additional capability for BlueOptima clients, empowering them to understand code quality across a code base, by release, project, or repository ("Static ART") or changes that developers make to quality ("Dynamic ART").


The process begins with ascertaining thresholds for metrics pertaining to source code files, which serve as a basis for quantifying the likelihood of technical debt within an application. This approach facilitates quantitative comparison of the quality of an organization's various software development projects. Thresholds are based on thresholds for application file metrics within an organization rather than general industry benchmarks, or rules prescribed by software quality tools. This acknowledges that each organization’s software development norms are individual. This bespoke approach has proven to be a more reliable indicator of stability than evaluating violations in relation to thresholds set by industry-standard best practice. Further, ART gives all organisations the best startpoint for setting about improving code by identifying the most significant maintainability issues.


Greater than the sum of its parts: The combination of productivity and quality metrics affords further benefits:
1) Quality is expressed in terms of the proportion of Coding Effort (BlueOptima’s objective measure of work) that crosses thresholds, whether into particular projects, or by a particular developers
2) Managers can assess projects, vendors and individuals in terms of both productivity and quality, according to the balance of the importance of the two in a particular case.

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