Successful Digital Transformation in 2018

leave a reply | January 03 2018

How BlueOptima CEO, Jason R. Rolles, foresees the year ahead:

In 2018, across many industries, the companies that maintain a competitive lead will be those that succeed in their software development initiatives. This means that they need to build and maintain the best possible software engineering talent and accurately monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of their software initiatives. However, in the race to secure the best engineering talent, Enterprises must address a major challenge – demand for excellent software developers far outstrips supply.

This problem will be further exacerbated through 2018 as ever more organisations undergo major digital transformations adding to the already unprecedented demand for software engineering skills. In parallel, managers must be able to reliably identify genuinely talented software engineers as lower skilled participants enter an overheated labour market. In such an environment it will probably be the companies with an inclusive working environment that prevail.

Let’s consider the gender divide. Organisations that have sleep walked into allowing a “brogrammer” culture to take hold in developer teams are discouraging female programmers to stay. Managers will further realise the importance of inclusivity through developing a culture of valuing fact-based, objective, metrics through which outstanding contribution to projects is celebrated. This emphasises an outcome focused culture based on fair and equitable treatment of organisational stakeholders.

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