Cost-Efficient Software Development in Unpredictable Times

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Our uncertain times place CxOs under unprecedented pressure to make confident decisions to steer their companies in the best direction. Many companies spend large budgets on software development and will want to ensure their software requirements are delivered via the most cost-effective means in order to minimise software spend. Reliable data is needed for fair comparison of different software developers and software development teams and thus the value for money each option delivers. Only BlueOptima provides such data.


Before BlueOptima's breakthrough solution, CxOs and managers might assess software development productivity in terms of features delivered, bugs fixed, hours of work or even lines of code produced, while software development teams’ progress is typically tracked via e.g. burn-down charts or Function Points delivered. But Story/Function Points, features and bugs vary in size and complexity and thus do not serve adequately as KPI bases for the amount or rate of software development delivered. (For a thorough analysis, please click here.)


Software development teams and team members can only be compared fairly based on objective metrics; independent from the skill of developers of difficulty of tasks they work on. This is possible by measuring their work in terms of intellectual effort, which avoids the problems of the above approaches. Coding Effort data is only available from BlueOptima a SaaS solution that garners measurements of each change made to source code in terms of 36 static metrics. BlueOptima’s algorithm benchmarks this data based on the volume, complexity and interrelatedness of code to calculate Coding Effort; a unit of intellectual effort, expressed in hours. BlueOptima data shows productivity of your software developers via live dashboards. Further, retrospective metadata can also be gleaned from source code repositories to reveal the Coding Effort software developers have invested in past software development projects. For more on BlueOptima, please complete the below form to access a three-page overview [PDF].


This KPI shows CxOs the cost-efficiency each software development team in-house or external — delivers, informing which is the best option for optimising your software spend. Software development efficiency is evaluated on a “level playing field”; independent of the type of task or software language with developers have worked. The cost-efficiency data feeding into CxO decision-making is objective amongst other, subjective, factors e.g. the ease of communication, reputation, etc. to be considered. BlueOptima clients typically know more about the variation in efficiency between different software development teams and employees within the outsourcing partners they use than the managers at those providers. Thus, BlueOptima’s metrics assist in confidently reducing costs not only in choosing whether to outsource and which providers to use, but offer granularity of data to empower CxOs to request the services of particular teams or individuals in striving towards minimising software development costs.


BlueOptima enables CxOs to make informed decisions around cost-efficient software development delivery and confidently demonstrate to the board and other sponsors supported reasoning using objective data. BlueOptima insight also informs broader business decisions such expanding and decreasing staffing on a particular site and relocating software development operations to reduce their overall cost. To support CxOs and software development managers further, BlueOptima offers its own specialist consultants to guide users from objective data to optimal decisions.


BlueOptima insight helps companies identify significant cost savings, typically reducing software development costs by 20%. To find out more, please access our three-page overview by completing the below form.


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