leave a reply | February 11 2015
BlueOptima Executive Breakfast, London – Capital Markets, 5th February 2015 To present BlueOptima's offering, we hosted an Executive Breakfast in the City of London. It was a pleasure to welcome a dozen delegates from Universal Banks - mainly CIOs and CTOs - and focus on software development best practice in this vertical. Sharing thoughts and experience led to mutually-beneficial...
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leave a reply | January 09 2015
The new year started in a new office for BlueOptima. We have moved away from our office in the City to a base near Waterloo station and the Thames' vibrant South Bank. The larger office - along with the successful uptake of BlueOptima's technology in some of the world's largest companies - allows our company to expand. We plan to recruit new staff on the product development...
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leave a reply | November 12 2014
BlueOptima offers a solution to a long-standing problem that hitherto had not been suitably solved: Objectively measuring software developer productivity.   The best methods used before BlueOptima – from assessing the overall cost or quality of a software development project to measuring increases in Function Points or even lines of code – all have their respective flaws . ...
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