BlueOptima Global Productivity Report

Learn more about COVID’s impact and how you can improve engineering productivity with Coding Effort - June 2020 impact report

The below infographic shows how two of the world’s largest developer populations had contrasting outcomes from the pandemic.

Learn more on how you can utilise your software engineering teams in the most effective way with Coding Effort.

Infographic on global COVID software development productivity impact. China and India trend.

BlueOptima analysed further 200,000 developers from 30 countries across the globe, in the regions of China, India, Western Europe and the Americas, during the second quarter of 2020 and what our data science team unearthed is remarkable in its findings and invaluable to other software development estates.

The full report advises how you can help your engineering teams code faster without sacrificing quality – both in and out of remote working environments.

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