Improve the maintainability of your codebase to optimise code delivery and reduce technical debt using the Analysis of Relative Thresholds (ART).

Deliver software better, safer.

If you’re developing software, you need ART.

Improve maintainability of your codebase to prevent technical debt.

  • Scale good quality practice across your development resources.

    Quantify average levels of code delivered and maintain impact to your files, apps, projects and overall code base.

  • Prevent production incidents from occurring before software roll-out.

    Supervise and reduce technical debt across your entire estate by enforcing good code quality practice.

  • Understand every contribution made in meeting levels of velocity and quality tasks require.

    Quantify proportion of less maintainable code delivered vs. the value of a developer across your entire estate.

  • Achieve faster time to market by reducing time spent on maintenance.

    Focus your attention on code reviews for the areas experiencing higher proportions of less maintainable change being delivered.

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