Objectives metrics that require no effort estimation tools or techniques

BlueOptima's accurate metrics and analysis tool improves software development teams productivity, quality and cost.

Optimise performance across software development teams, projects and locations at scale – without an estimation expert, tool, or need for additional resources.

Let developers do what they do best, deliver innovative code to generate business value!

Expand your engineering potential and accelerate software delivery with transparency over software engineering teams. BlueOptima’s Developer Analytics measures and benchmarks revision data to understand coding effort and help your engineering teams become more efficient.

  • Truly objective measures: no estimation required
  • Fully automated: no manual reporting required
  • Improve productivity, code maintainability and ROI
  • Create industry-leading software development teams
  • Like the Fortune 500, lead the forefront of industry-standard software development

Transform your software delivery operation by helping your development capacity meet business demands that keep the lights on.

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Help your teams be the best

Coding Effort empowers Fortune 500 businesses to lead the forefront of software development

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