Why Use Code Climate: BlueOptima Engineers Effectiveness and Efficiency

Use breakthrough metrics to objectively optimise software engineering efficiency. Accelerate Coding Effort and release products faster with full transparency over global development teams.

Don’t rely on Code Climate’s pull request, commit frequency, and velocity technology.

Instead, understand actual Coding Effort, and expand engineering potential to accelerate your software release delivery process with industry-leading metrics.

Optimise software development performance at scale. Let developers do what they love, code!

BlueOptima’s Developer Analytics measures and benchmarks revision data to help your engineering teams become more efficient.

  • Truly objective measures: no estimation required
  • Fully automated: no manual reporting required
  • Improve productivity, code maintainability and ROI
  • Create industry-leading software development teams
  • Like the Fortune 500, lead the forefront of industry-standard software development

Realise your full software innovation potential by accelerating improvement of development productivity and quality.

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