Code Insights

Code Insights provides an objective insight into your estate’s source code so that you can accurately and conveniently reduce application security risk while minimising the impact on technical debt incurred from shift-left initiatives.

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Code Insights gives Senior Team Leads visibility of the vulnerabilities introduced into their software estates, including the state of each application, and how many vulnerabilities they have. Teams are able to identify dependencies, assess the severity of risks and provide informed solutions to mitigate exposure.


Mapping open source and third party dependencies, Code Insights helps clients to identify the associated liabilities. Assessing the risk of identified vulnerabilities aids developers in understanding the estate’s possible exposure to cybersecurity threats.


Providing transparency, Code Insights allows teams to identify opportunities to standardise and maximise the reuse of components across different teams and projects. In turn, this avoids using similar-functioning code with different dependencies thus reducing duplicated efforts of security maintenance.

Benefits and Value

Overnight scanning

Code Insights scans your software estate overnight to identify any new dependencies added into your codebase.

Maximise reuse and consistency

Code Insights tracks dependency usage across your software estate, enabling your asset management teams to maximise reuse and consistency in their outputs.

Updated every four hours

The BlueOptima Vulnerability Database is updated every four hours ensuring Code Insights identifies current potential threats within your software estate’s open source dependencies fast.

Prioritise solutions and get faster results

By scanning for open source and internal dependencies, Code Insights allows companies to prioritise fixing problems and reduce the impact of vulnerabilities.

Historical analysis for future planning

Code Insights provides a high-quality historical analysis of your company’s applications and any associated risks. This enables leaders and their teams to strategically plan future improvements for the entire estate’s security and mitigate impending risk.

Decreases technical debt

Helping organisations to reduce risk, Code Insights decreases technical debt and minimises poor investments.

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