Global Benchmark Pro

Leverage BlueOptima’s Global Benchmark to identify best practices in the global software development industry and compare the performance of your company’s software development activities across industry peer groups, geographies, and technologies.

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Team retro Task type
Coding efficiency
Identify and adopt global best practices
Improve your team’s performance and ROI
Understand your team’s productivity and quality
BGB Pro 2

Understand Relative Performance

Compare the performance of your software development organization with peers in the same and other industries in BlueOptima’s global dataset

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BGB Pro 1

Gain a strategic advantage

Identify superior performance standards across the globe and understand the strategies and development practices that have driven that performance.

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BGB Pro 4

Get better Returns on Investment

Identify whether the best talent is being leveraged across geographies, vendors and technologies and invest in the right resources that will deliver good value for money.

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