Code Insights

Prevent security risk in software investments and reduce the amount of technical debt in your software development projects with Code Insights.

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Scans your software estate nightly to identify vulnerabilities
Track dependencies across your codebase to maximize reuse
Identify passwords, credentials, and tokens from different repositories

Identify open-source vulnerabilities within 24 hours of being introduced

Code Insights can help your developers identify vulnerabilities in open-source libraries at a commit level before these go into the CI/CD pipeline. Accordingly, your developers are able to fix and mitigate risk earlier and reduce the cost of redeployment.

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Increase visibility and maximize the reuse of components

Code Insights gives you visibility and transparency on the use and upgrade of libraries/dependencies across your software state. Also, our solution can help you identify how to properly increase the reuse of updated and risk-free libraries.

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Avoid potential data leaks and code exposure using machine learning

Keep your secrets safe with our Secrets Detection functionality! Using Machine Learning models, we will help you identify exactly those lines of code in which your developers have left passwords and tokens reducing the risk of exposure and data breach.

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