Predictive Assessment

Use Predictive Assessment to go beyond technical proficiency and avoid costly mishires by finding both top talent and the right fit.

Discover the real potential of your future developers.

If you’re developing software, you need Predictive Assessment.

Efficient, effective real-world evaluation.

  • Take control and ensure developers are a good fit in your organisation.

    Benchmarkable tasks enable hiring teams to compare developer performance from tests, to see how likely they are to perform once onboarded.

  • Conduct a fair assessment with consistent and bias-free evaluations.

    Find consistency in equally comparing your organisations prospective and current software developers.

  • Empower better hiring decisions to minimise onboarding time.

    Get value sooner by utilising developers’ proven key strengths critical to the success of particular projects.

  • Be confident it’s your candidate taking the test using their own skill-set.

    Advanced technology that accurately checks for imposters and plagiarism across assessments.

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