Secrets Detection

BlueOptima’s Secret Detection offers the industry’s most accurate tool for detecting secrets committed to your codebase.

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Identify passwords, tokens, API keys and more secrets embedded in your code.
Benefits from “Shift-Left” efficiency and remove secrets before application security review
Continually monitor metrics all the way through the development and deployment process.
Increase in hard-coded secrets between 2021 and 2022.

Best in class Secrets Detection

Our Secrets Detection tool is a living, learning entity. It constantly evolves and refines its algorithm for identifying secrets, surpassing the limitations of rules-based detection. You’ll get a more comprehensive, accurate map of the secrets nestled within your codebase.

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Faster time to resolve

Our tool doesn’t just identify secrets – it pinpoints their exact location down to the project, collection, repository, file and exact line. This precision enables you to delegate tasks effectively within your team, leading to quicker resolutions, saving time, and fuelling your development velocity.

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Continuous scanning

Continuous monitoring

Beyond the initial commit, our advanced Secrets Detection algorithm continues to monitor your codebase throughout the entire development and deployment cycle. This gives you the confidence of possessing a complete snapshot of where the secrets reside and their origins. Use this power to improve your development team’s coding practices and reduce the introduction of new secrets.

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Secrets CLI

Put the power of Code Insights into the hands of your developers

With our Command Line Interface, give your developers the tools they need to identify secrets as they code and when they commit.

Save time and improve productivity of developers, whilst taking advantage of the “shift-left” benefits to increase velocity.

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