Team Lead Dashboard

BlueOptima’s Team Lead Dashboard (TLD) provides software team leads with the ability to manage a team’s performance, which includes supporting the increase in an individual’s productivity as well as the quality of their coding outputs into the estate.

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Team retro Task type
Coding efficiency
Identify bottlenecks in your Pull Request process, deliver faster without risking quality of the code
Deep dive into your sprint performance and reduce bias with the objective data
Identify, prioritize and improve maintainability issues in your codebase
PR Analysis

Continuous improvement on your code maintainability

Identify files in your repositories that impact the maintainability score of the code base and provide with actionable recommendations on how to improve the code quality of the software estate.

Unmaintainable files can easily become a bottleneck for your team’s efficiency. Without waiting until it becomes a headache, having a continuous improvement approach would help your team have an healthy codebase to work on.

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1o1 Performance trend

Analysis of coding activity during sprints

Enable Team Leads to identify CE invested in each task type to do better resource planning and task allocation for the future sprints to perform better and deliver faster.

Velocity is one aspect, but analysing the quality of the code delivered during the sprint is a missed opportunity for sprint retrospectives. It would help Team Leads to have a holistic view of sprint performance to make sure  increasing velocity is not risking code quality. 

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Maintainability overview

Visibility on pull request process

Visualize your code review pipeline to gain visibility over Pull Request process. Easily analyze how code quality changing after Pull Request reviews.

Drill-down into different stages of Pull Request process to reduce time it takes from reviewing to merging a Pull Request into the main project repository.

Foster collaboration between your developers by identifying what would be the root cause of high Pull Request pick-up times.

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