Accurately understand effort taken to deliver every change to source code based on your past performance through Actual Coding Effort (ACE).

Deliver software faster, leaner.

If you’re developing software, you need ACE.

Uncover, allocate and optimise resources using data.

  • Accurately understand effort from all developers within unique tasks.

    Quantifying effort across volume, complexity and interrelatedness to understand the full contribution of a developer and the context in which they work in.

  • Scale your benchmark of the average developer to understand your entire organisation.

    Utilise your internally benchmarked measure of productivity to understand what an average developer delivers on an average day.

  • Anticipate potential issues across initiatives, projects and tasks.

    Fairly compare periods of high commit activity vs low commit or no commit activity across different languages, methodologies and technologies.

  • Bring transparency into value for money negotiations.

    Accurately understand billing rates per factor of role, location, employer and supplier.

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