Why BlueOptima?

For Cybersecurity

Identify software security vulnerabilities early in the development process and learn how to enhance the efficiency of your security team.

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Coding efficiency
Third-party resources must be treated with caution
Ensure software security vulnerabilities are identified quickly
Reduce the cost of exposure to security breaches

Enhance the efficiency of your risk analysis

Scan your software estate for code changes and receive alerts, along with recommendations, to mitigate existing and potential vulnerabilities.

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without BlueOptima

Inability to keep up with the volume of security patches and improve resolution time
Lack of visibility into key security controls
Difficulty to assess, quantify, and prioritize significant risks

with BlueOptima

Identify new dependencies and potential threats within software estate
Help to plan future improvements to the entire estate security and mitigate impending risk
Enable asset management teams to maximize reuse and consistency in their outputs
Maintainability report

What can we do for you?

We can help Cybersecurity Teams get an objective insight into their estate’s source code while minimizing developer technical debt.

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of leaders believe COVID-19 forced organizations to bypass cybersecurity processes

For cybersecurity teams identifying and prioritising vulnerabilities

Code Insights, our Repository and Software Estate Mapping Tool, can help you identify and eliminate software security vulnerabilities early in the development process.

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