Why BlueOptima?

For Software Team Leads

Manage your team’s performance and support them in increasing productivity and the quality of their coding outputs into the estate.

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Coding efficiency
Language consistency across all organization
Deep dive into sprint performance
Visibility across the Pull Request process

Better visibility into your team’s performance

Detect issues in your team’s performance and track their progress after they implement an action to improve it.

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without BlueOptima

Inability to prevent behaviors that may hinder your team’s performance
Unawareness of blockers that affect your team’s maintainability objectives
Decreased productivity and lack of visibility at a sprint level

with BlueOptima

Improve your team’s sprint performance
Analysis of performance trends
Power your task data with BlueOptima’s unique code analytics capabilities
Maintainability report - Actionable Inisghts 2

What can we do for you?

We can help Team Leads detect those repositories that are hindering the maintainability score of their teams and also analyze the Pull Request process across multiple repositories.

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Improvement in Pull Request efficiency

Is your team performing to their highest potential?

Team Leads can identify red flags based on where their teams are putting their effort into: fixing bugs, developing new features, or on Technical Debt tasks.

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