Why BlueOptima

For Tech Hiring

Source talented and high-quality candidates that are willing to join the software development world and become part of a rapidly growing industry.

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Coding efficiency
Find top tech talent and avoid costly mis-hires
Leverage the power of technology to upgrade your hiring process
Give your candidates the opportunity to showcase their capabilities

Strengthen your hiring process with real-life coding challenges

BlueOptima’s approach can help you recognise the relationship between behaviour in a test environment vs software development in a real-life setting.

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without BlueOptima

Difficulties sourcing the right talent with relevant skills
No way to reliably predict a candidate’s future performance
Higher recruitment costs due to longer hiring times

with BlueOptima

Identify top talent and assess how candidates will perform on a real-world project
Predict a candidate’s performance using machine learning and BlueOptima’s unique benchmark solution
A more effective hiring process that cuts down the time spent on sourcing candidates

What can we do for you?

In addition to predicting a potential employee’s productivity, our intuitive platform can help you organise candidates into job roles and mirror your internal hiring processes.

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longer to hire tech positions than other roles.

Remove bottlenecks from you hiring process?

BlueOptima’s Predictive Assessment unlocks the power of data and AI to help you save time and money on your software developer recruitment process.

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