Why BlueOptima

For Strategic Leaders

Automate, standardise, and objectively measure your software estate. Understand your software developer productivty, code quality and security.

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Coding Effort
Measure the quality of coding output
Understand your team’s productivity
Access reliable and objective data

Manage your software development resources more effectively

Our unparalleled software development insights allow you to improve code maintainability and benchmark productivity against your industry peers.

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without BlueOptima

Inability to establish strong achievable goals
Unmotivated teams with lower productivity levels
Overlooked code quality, leading to technical debt

with BlueOptima

Set strategic software development goals for your team
Boost developer productivity and create high-performing teams
Maximize and enhance the quality of coding outputs
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What can we do for you?

We can help you improve software development processes and levels of delivery. Our products enable executives to measure, and enhance a team’s performance.

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of cost can be saved while achieving your digital goals

How can BlueOptima help software development teams cut costs and boost productivity?

BlueOptima’s metrics can help Heads of Software Development manage performance and accelerate the delivery of digital change transformation.


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