Predictive Assessment

Make faster and more reliable decisions on top developer talent with the world’s first AI-powered coding predictive assessment tool that projects a candidate’s future workplace performance.

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Coding efficiency
Deep analysis of code and problem-solving approaches
Accurate predictions of candidates’ fit, productivity, and quality
Compare candidates against a global benchmark of professional developers

Strengthen your hiring process with real-life coding challenges

BlueOptima’s approach can help you recognise the relationship between behaviour in a test environment vs software development in a real-life setting.

without BlueOptima

Difficulties sourcing the right talent with relevant skills
No way to reliably predict a candidate’s future performance
Higher recruitment costs due to longer hiring times

with BlueOptima

Identify top talent and assess how candidates will perform on a real-world project
Predict a candidate’s performance using machine learning and BlueOptima’s unique benchmark solution
A more effective hiring process that cuts down the time spent on sourcing candidates
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Find the right talent and boost your development performance

Talent acquisition has evolved and now plays a more strategic role in finding the right candidates for the long term.

BlueOptima’s solution provides data-driven indicators that can help companies have a greater probability of hiring high-performing developers for their teams.

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Fast-forward your hiring pipeline

It took on average 49 days to hire a software engineer in 2021. Our tool automates the technical screening process and identifies qualified candidates accurately, which means you will set up more interviews with the right candidates.

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days to hire a software engineer in 2021

Evaluate with a system that is impossible to game

In addition to similarity checks and leak-detection mechanisms, the scoring of Predictive Assessment is largely based on the approach a candidate takes to solving a coding challenge in terms of static, dynamic, and behavioural dimensions.

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A powerful and simple experience

Confidently hire top developer talent with Predictive Assessment, the world’s first AI-powered coding tool that projects a candidate’s future workplace performance.