Why BlueOptima?

For DevOps

With DevOps becoming an integral part of most engineering organisations, the need for reliable and actionable metrics that help them improve their planning cycles is more important than ever.

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Coding efficiency
DevOps transformation and improved visibility in development lifecycle
Identify bottlenecks and pain points in the DevOps process
An objective way to identify high performers and fine-tune best practices

Some metrics are better than others

BlueOptima can help DevOps teams identify where the problems lie in their software development processes.

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without BlueOptima

Some low-level metrics are open to interpretation and prone to bias
Difficulty in identifying high-performing teams that help drive cost-efficiency
Not being able to identify issues that could slow down productivity and cause bottlenecks

with BlueOptima

BlueOptima provides an efficient and accurate alternative to evaluate a developer’s performance
More meaningful metrics to help DevOps teams improve their efficiency and performance
Better understanding of how DevOps teams work and what software development problems may emerge
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What can we do for you?

BlueOptima’s proprietary Coding Effort analytics technology can help DevOps teams build fact-based decision-making processes and improve prioritisation.

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How can BlueOptima’s metrics help measure DevOps success?

The adoption of DevOps capabilities requires tools to optimise software delivery and define strategies to boost productivity.

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