COVID-19 Impact on Global Software Development Productivity

A significant number of businesses across the globe are poised to face difficult decisions to lessen the COVID-19 pandemic impact on their employees, clients and organisational resources. China has started to achieve recovery following the strict measures taken to control the devastating implication to their way of life. There is a lot to learn from China’s decisiveness and agility with COVID-19. Whether your industry is technology, finance or healthcare to name a few, every industry will be facing the same predicament. Every department will be working on a strategy to support the overall organisation. In terms of software development productivity, senior technology managers will be looking to do the same for their software development teams and developers across the globe.

Our data science team’s analysis using our Global Benchmark at BlueOptima kept track of China’s strategy to investigate how they achieved stabilisation, and minimise the impact on software development productivity to mobilise technology innovations efficiently. Our team observed what China had faced when COVID-19 erupted in the country during the first quarter of 2020, tracking over 50 days the software development productivity of China’s major engineering cities.

We then analysed further 200,000 developers from 30 countries across the globe, in the regions of India, Western Europe and the Americas, during the second quarter of 2020. What our data science team unearthed is remarkable in its findings and invaluable to other software development estates. Software development in China lost over $8.5m worth of output during the peak of COVID-19 outbreak – insight from our Global productivity report.

We want to share our results with communities, organisations and businesses to help senior technology management set expectations and prepare for the post-COVID-19 software development environment to prepare for what is to come. Wherefore the arrangement of the data in our China report and Global report will become an essential part of an organisation’s playbook.

Download the report on China’s software development productivity over the first quarter of 2020 to:
– Get concrete figures on COVID-19’s impact on China’s productivity
– Understand the productivity shift as China implemented strict lockdown procedures
– See what it would cost to replace the missing productivity


Download the regional impact global productivity report to:
– Receive clear insights into global productivity levels
– Learn how each region was impacted throughout the pandemic
– Find out what happened to China’s productivity compared to from March 2020 to July 2020
– Compare this year’s global productivity average to the past 5 years


A message of solidarity: BlueOptima stands in solidarity in these strange and uncertain times with the technology community and organisations around the world faced with the problematic impact the Novel Coronavirus is having on our lives.